• Secretary General

    SAARCLAW (South Asian Association For Regional Co-operation In Law)

    Jan 2014 – Mar 2016

    South Asia

He is the elected Secretary General of SAARCLAW (South Asian Association For Regional Co-operation In Law). As the Secretary General of SAARCLAW he enjoys a quasi-diplomatic status. SAARCLAW is an Association of the Legal communities of the South Asian countries. SAARCLAW assists the SAARC countries in inducting newer laws in the face of an ever-changing society as well as helping the member nations to amend their obsolete laws. It is an association of the legal communities of the SAARC countries comprising Judges, Lawyers, Academicians, Law Teachers, Public Officers and a host of other law-related persons, duly registered with the SAARC Secretariat at Kathmandu and has been given the status of a Regional Apex Body of SAARC.

As Secretary General he will formulate new strategies for the members of the legal community to establish an association within and outside the SAARC region. He will strengthen the activities of SAARCLAW by organising regular international conferences. He will extend the association of SAARCLAW with United Nations on Legal & Para-legal issues.